Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tis the Season...all blocks completed...phew!

I know you all appreciate the neck exersises...admit really do!! LOL  In all seriousness I am sorry...I just cannot figure out how to turn these around on my blog.  I turn them around in 'my pictures' but they revert back when I add them to my blog.....argh!!! A little late, but believe it or not I finished stitching all my blocks in May.  I have just been a little overwhelmed with life right now so getting them onto my blog has been delayed.  But here they are!  Ta...da...including August.  I thought I had better post them now while I was in 'post-mode'.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this stitch-along.  Thank you Chookyblue!  I will post my finished top once I have it all together...that will be on my next PMS (Potluck, Munchies & Sewing!!!)day in August. 


  1. You turn the photos in my pictures and then turn them back so they view as you want them and then upload them to blogger.....Not sure why it does that but thats how I fix the problem.... Your blocks look great by the way...Well Done....

  2. I usually turn the pictures before uploading them to Blogger and I never had the problem.
    The blocks are looking great so far, looking forward to see your finished top, will be so different from mine all in red :-)

  3. did you save the changes after you turned them???

    looking good even if they are sideways...........did you share them with the SAL girls????
    working on my July blocks at the moment..........

  4. I love the fabrics you have chosen... all looks so pretty and fresh...