Monday, 13 August 2012

Phew...I am almost there!  I have worked really hard to make progress while I am on my summer break.  I even packed them up and brought them to Australia with me while I was on vacation there.  And I did find time...early, early in the morning I was up and sitting out with my stitching and listening to all the wonderful birds and the roar of the ocean!  What a trip that was...most of you reading this live in Australia and I want to say to you all 'what a wonderful country you live in'. 
I am back now and ready to cut strips and get them all joined up.  I am really trying my best to make the August end deadline!  I am working on a 'dog' block versus the 'cat' block as I dont have a cat, just a cute little dog named Noni. Also I am finishing up the sewing block...I love it.  I will post those two as soon as they are finished.  I have two weeks to get my quilt done then I am back to work. 

More to follow tomorrow...I have to get my camera charged up now.

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