Thursday, 28 February 2013

Wait a's still Thursday Feb. 28th here in Canada!

LOL....Thank God for 'time-zones'!  I have a bit of an advantage living here in Canada...a few more hours to stitch!  I love my tote!  I am very happy with how nicely it all came together.  I saw this line of fabrics at my friends quilting store (Homespun Designs), it's called Oasis.I had had to have them....and they are blue!  I will defenitly be in Chooky's good books.  Not that I'm in her bad books but I am in the final hours of our 'dead-line'. 
 I am not so brilliant when it comes to the 'quilting' part so I simply did the crosshatch 'thing'.  I like it.  This fabric already had a lot of swirly doodles happening so I thought the plainer the better so the fabric can do the speaking.  I also changed the wording on my bag.  I hope that's okay?!  I stitched the words....Live, Laugh, Love, Simplify.  After it was all stitched I realized maybe the words were mixed up...should have been Live, Love, Laugh etc.  Oh well, I dont think it really matters. On to March's assignment now.  A lovely little pin cusion.  Happy Stitching, Holly

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  1. time zones........hahahha...........did you hear I moved to perfect fabrics for the absolute favourites.........everyone has made a change here or there.............