Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Chookyblue's SAL...A Few of My Favorite Things!

I have been working very hard on trying to get the stripping going for my SKoW.  It wasnt easy...not for me anyways!  I tend to not be able to think 'outside the box' and for those of you who are not working on this SAL, this pattern does not include the measurements for the strips that go in between each row.  Soooo....I have been putting this part off for over a month now.  Well, I decided to pile into it yesterday and here is what I have to show for it...
...even Noni approves...I think?!
As I look at the blocks in this row they remind me of my trip to Austalia which I took this past summer(well our summer, their winter)..my cousins Megan & Graham (who lives on the Sunshine Coast) took me on daily outings which always...I repeat....always included a cuppa with some kind of delicious treat...and it rained almost every day I was there...no kidding!  But we didnt allow that to hold us back from our scouting about the country side.  We enjoyed a cup of tea every evening, after a glass of wine of course.  Then there are my blue jeans....I didnt bring my blue jeans with me...I really didnt believe my cousins when they told me it would be COLD.  Not in Australia I thought....no, no, no....I am going to the tropics! Ha...well I was fooled!  It was a wee bit chilly!  Needed Uggs actually and we only wear those in winter.  Well it was winter you silly girl!  Anyways, I wont argue with myself. My suitcase has a few of the countries I have been to and I was so happy to be able to honestly put Australia on one of those labels.  Dont worry Tim (my other cousin) Denmark is on there too! 
Thank you for visiting my blog...hopefully tomorrow I will have another strip completed and more stories to tell!  This quilt truely shows A Few of My Favorite Things! 

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  1. see if you came to visit me when you came to Oz it would NOT have rained........been so dry here........your quilt is coming together well now..........