Sunday, 21 October 2012

Progress on SKoW SAL with Chookyblue...

Wowie...Zowie...I have been so busy keeping up with getting this quilt top done and posting on Chooky's blog that I forgot to post on my own! LOL
I am very happy with how lovely this quilt looks now that it is all coming together.  I am enjoying the stripping and all the little pieceing in between the stitched/appliqued blocks. 
I do wish my photo was of better quality though.  This photo does not do my quilt any justice at all!  Once I have completed the whole quilt top I will get my sister-in-law to take a picture with her fancy camera.  She is much better at photography than I!
In my last post I commented on each block but since I did not post on my blog as I went along I have decided to tell the stories of each of my blocks on my label for the back of this quilt.  I will share that story on my blog once my quilt is completed.  When I try to pick out which block is my favorite I am stumped!  They are all my this really is a FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!  It's not just another quilt to me!  But I do wish I had thought to add a snow flake!  I love the snow and making snowmen on my front lawn!  Maybe I will have to put a snowflake on the back of my quilt along with my 'story' label. 
Good idea Holly! 


  1. I had trouble with the bottom too...........maybe you could change one of the blocks in the last row??? otherwise the shape of your label could be a snow flake.........